YA - First Installment (Copywrited)
Present Day                      
Chapter 1
Dense fog saturates the atmosphere, circling with premeditated calculation. Within this non-secular formation, four beings of exceptional power assemble apart from their alliance. The celestial figures hover, suspended where they commence - troubled by the circumstances that force them to gather. A fourth member was inducted to aid in the novice quandary.
Observing from afar, amidst the opposing realms, the entities lay focus on a very specific detail within the ether - Earth. The extrasensory dialogue among the four focused entirely on one of their own desiring a human within this primal plain.    
            “The mortal girl resides in this land of the Vedas portal.” The eldest launched into the particulars. “He has succeeded in altering the circumstances of her fate, then set forth to initiate a vigil around her, protecting the creature.” Projecting a cognitive image of the minute land surrounded by water into the minds of the others, the elder paused for comment.
            The latest of the four took note of the transfer of information. “What attracts him to her?”
“Centuries ago, a human girl sealed a pact with the dark czar, Rahu to punish those that wished for her death.” The second-in-command conferred. “It was this forbidden act of Samsara that brought our fallen brother to her. He failed to execute his orders. Within exile he located her. Our attention wasthen presented with a new abomination– his insolent lust for her reunification.”
 “Furthermore,” the third made certain to note. “He failed to close the portal gateway, allowing for the passage of elementals from other dimensions, disrupting the secured route to Earth.”
“Let us keep on the path of this matter of the girl for the time being.” The eldest redirected. 
“What of the human boy I sense coming forth?” proclaimed the second in rank.
“He is being manipulated to offer the girl protection by an unknown source – protection against the fallen one.”
“I see no immediate threat with him,” offered the charge entity. “If that should change, however, turn him against her.”
“And what of the reunification of the split soul?” the newest member reproached after his sudden understanding of what was at stake. “We cannot allow this to be successful. It will release him . . .”
“I KNOW!” slated the elder with a ferocious use of energy. If the human eye were to observe the physical repercussions of his anger it would have resembled that of a supernova.  
“What are your wishes, my lord?”
            He held his silence to reclaim poise. Before responding, his acuity of the insipid island incited a closer aerial perspective. “Send two soldiers to pose as the victims of her curse. Have them destroy the girl. The fallen one will try to safeguard her at any cost during this abolition.”
            “What of our lost brother?”
            “He is no longer one of us. He chose his fate. Have them send him to the hollows of Naraka.”
             The others went silent